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Paul J. Castle is passionate about providing people with the tools to find business financial success.

Paul understands that many people are busy developing the skills they need to find success in the particular area of their lives that thrill them and that finance, like maths, are often not liked or understood. Paul has had many experiences both deep in the valleys and high on top of the mountain. He enjoys sharing, exploring and helping others to understand the power of dreams, discipline, empowerment and ultimately success in our lives.

Community & Business Groups

You may be a local business group such as Chamber of Commerce, BNI or 4 Networking group that is looking for a speaker at your event. Paul enjoys speaking so please contact Paul with details of your group, event and date.


"The words you choose to say, are just as important as the decision to speak."

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A Keynote is an opening address, or presentation, that focuses the group towards a particular goal or objective.


Paul J. Castle is available to speak throughout the UK. Paul is happy to create a bespoke Keynote presentation to drive the focus of your meeting or convention.

Paul has an engaging, energetic and powerful presentation that will empower and inspire your group!

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